Get your game on, come on, you better play your cards right! Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links apk

This game will delight you especially if you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh fan! Were you as a little, or maybe even now, playin this fantastic game with the real cards in your hands? The main fault here was that you had to give real money and buy these cards, to collect ‘em all one by one or to give more money for the whole box of original cards. The more cards and tiles you had, you had more chances of perfect combinations of attacks, traps, spells and ultimately for unquestionable victory! The good news we have is that when you play a game called Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links you do not have to pay for nothing because it is 100% FREE!

Where you can play Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links?

“Yu-Gi-Oh!” is available on-the-go as a mobile app! Do you have what it takes to become the one and only King of Games? Well, you need a smart mind, brilliant strategies & a little piece of luck, for sure. You can easily learn rules and simple controls for beginners! But, this one is also pretty engrossing and rewarding gameplay for “Yu-Gi-Oh!” veterans, remember that! Every player who wants to be on the top must give his/her full self into this game. Duel players from around the world are in this action-packed PvP card game! A huge cast of characters from “Yu-Gi-Oh !,” “Yu-Gi-Oh! GX,” and “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s”!

Download this card game for free, you can fint it in your Google Play Store / App Store – available for both: Android & iOS. Find the cards for your unique deck in the game store!

Duel Links Features & Gameplay

You can be Yami Yugi from the first season, Seto Kaiba, Jaden Yuki from GX, Yusei Fudo, and many more, from the whole canon! Also, amazing fact: Featuring voicework from cast members of the original shows! You will see cool 3D cutscenes when ace monsters are summoned so it looks pretty epic! Collect cards to build your own Deck and defeat your opponents with the crown on your head! Don’t let anyone stop you from becoming the best one!

So, it is a fighting card game where you have to battle against other Duelists and their special battle Decks. Intuitive controls for beginners! Depth to satisfy all of the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” veterans who also watched the anime or have read the manga! Make your Deck the next most powerful Dueling Master, with monsters like “Dark Magician” and “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” from the main characters of this story. Nothing without a great strategy – be careful when deciding which card goes next. Try yourself with your favorite characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! world and complete Stage missions in Duel Links.

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