TASOKARE HOTEL – Game Review [2019]

Do you like mysteries, sneaking, and escape from trouble as soon as possible? If your answer is yes then this is the right game for you. Read our TASOKARE HOTEL game review and find out everything you need to know about this game and even more! This game is great for adventurous spirit people who can not sit still when it comes to discovering some important secret.

People really loved this game, we say that because of the statistics that you can also see in both stores: Google Play Store and App store (well, yup, this game is available on both devices, with iOS and Android system, does not matter at all, you can play). They have rated it with 4.9 stars there (so damn close to all 5 stars), which is more than just a pretty good rating we can say. Down below we will continue with the actual gameplay and its features, let’s go!

Gameplay & features

The Escape & Adventure Novel is a new type of mystery game (escape game) with a pretty long story. While reading story you are also actually solving the mystery in the Escape & Adventure Novel. The volume of the scenario is more than ten times other Escape games. Basically, you can play it totally free (in-app purchase). This is a mixtape of mystery and detective things in the game. Reveal the mystery of the incidents and enjoy the whole story, too. Check out how the game actually looks like here:

See the graphics & art, hear the songs, voices & sound effects and have your own first impression. In the video, the main characters will be introduced to you, so it is good for you to remember their names, looks, voices and roles in this awesome hotel.

What is TASOKARE HOTEL gallery mode? There is a mode called gallery mode to see the graphics you have got in the story with a full screen turned on. Everyone can play the game easily but who wants to master it needs to try a bit harder. This story is fiction which means that there is no relationship with real people or real organizations. Also, keep on mind that saving your data is automatically performed when you complete each stage. Note that if you delete cache or data of this app or uninstall the app, all purchased items and data in the app such as game progress are deleted. And please be responsible for your management of data and the app because this app actually has no responsibility to update or recover data. Purchased items will not be paid back to you, note that also.

Popular voice actors and songs inside

Like any anime or game from Japan, China, and these areas, music and voices are what people love most. Because simply – they are very good at it forever, English can not be that good compared to them when translated to it. Character Voice Acting: Rika Momokawa/Koudai Sakai/Kanehira Yamamoto/Natsue Sasamoto/Yuki Nagano/Yusuke Shirai/Takashi Narumi Ending song/Insert song: Meitei – Inebriety by Rico Sasaki.

That would be all from us today. This was our TASOKARE HOTEL GAME REVIEW article. For more interesting games to find out, more info about gaming, tech and similar topics, check us out from time to time. As always, we will be giving our best to provide you with the best and the latest info. We will investigate regularly, and you will be notified at the very best time. So, until our next article – stay tuned – bye!

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