Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac

The classic is finally back on the huge door. The COSMO burning time! Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac is coming soon my dear friends. The officially licensed hero collection strategy RPG, which means it is a role-playing game, based on Masami Kurumada’s renowned Saint Seiya series is now finally available! This epic saga is about to be relived, enriched with stunning landscapes and breathtaking pretty graphics to bring all your favorite Saints to life, fully in 3D. It is performed by the official Japanese voice actors. Prepare yourselves for a truly first-class audiovisual experience, you will totally enjoy Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac! Let’s continue with the detailed game review down below.

Gameplay and features

Here, you will be able to collect every single character from the series. Bravely create your own unique strategies by mixing and matching. In Knights of the Zodiac, even the weak can overcome the strong, but the player must be smart and open-minded! A wide range of engaging game modes is waiting for you in this game. Let’s say something more about thirty-five years – the return of a classic: The Japanese manga classic returns in style!

This one is a next-generation game licensed by Kurumada Productions. Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac will let you experience the time-honored battle manga like never before, from the Galactic Duel to Sanctuary’s Twelve Temples. You’ll enter the Poseidon’s Temple, the Wailing Wall, and, in the end you will come to Elysion!

Heroes and villains, the good and the evil, all of them are included here in this game. Try playing it with an unstoppable Pegasus Seiya, or maybe with the compassionate Andromeda Shun, the Twelve Gold Saints, the Specters. The Goddess Athena herself is also a great choice. Remember this: they are all waiting for you to summon them because they are so excited to get into battle. Prepare to see and try over one hundred of Masami Kurumada’s original characters who will be relived on your mobile device. See how the new legends are born.

Team synergy in order to win

Team synergies must always exist for such an epic battle. Build the strongest team ever from a comprehensive selection of Saints. The good thing is that each of them comes with some of his/her unique abilities and characteristics. The right true synergy o the team is so, so important. Why? Because having it will make the situation like this: even bronze saints will have a lot of chances to defeat gold saint opponents!

Claim your huge victory over the odds! Unleash your saint’s powerful abilities, all you need to do is your one finger tap their seventh sense will be activated. Strive to always unlock their true, 100% battle potential!


Check out the 2019 YouTube trailer video here:

[Saint Seiya Awakening : Knights of the Zodiac – Trailer 2019 (+ Pre-registration link)『4K – 60 Fps』]

See the graphics and everything that your eyes can get you closer too. You will not have to pay a coin playing this cool game, 100% free!

Saint Seiya Awakening : Knights of the Zodiac game review ends here. More game reviews and tech news are about to come, so, check us from time to time. Bye!

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