Pokémon Masters Game Review

Ash and Pikachu together side by side again. This duo will never leave your mind, and also, all of the other popular characters. Developers of upcoming games will always find a way to bring the story back to the Pokémon world, keeping making it better and better. And so it happened this time. Your favorite anime again is the theme of a very good game! Something new came and this game will delight you. Get comfortable in your couch, lazy bag or whatever and install this wonderful app! Read our Pokémon Masters game review and see why this game is so amazing. Starting right away.

Gameplay and features

Start your greatest ever, new adventure in the Pokémon world today! Explore the all-new island of Pasio and become the best master of these cute creatures! There’s a tournament of 3-on-3 battles being held on Pasio called the Pokémon Masters League and you will be participating in this. Do everything that needs to be done, give your best to become its champion as you battle with famous Trainers. Also, you can have a social life inside the game, making a dream team of friends on the way will be an amazing part of the whole gameplay!

Form a team that will be so strategical and strong, do it with three Trainers and their Pokémon to target your opponents’ weaknesses! That is the only right way to deal with some big opponents and damages that they can do you! Enjoy co-op play with friends all around the world, this game is popular worldwide! In co-op play, three players team up for fun, cool battles! The gameplay is so exciting, try to work together to win and set yourselves on the top!

Which device to use when you play this? Well, we should recommend a device with at least 2GB of RAM. Android OS 7.0 or higher is recommended, Android OS 5.0 or above / 64 bit. remember that functionality is not guaranteed on all devices listed above. Why? Because, there may be cases where the app does not function properly due to your device’s capabilities, its specifications, or particular conditions for using apps. And yeah, it may take time to become compatible with the newest OS.

Pokémon Masters is free game to play, which is an amazing fact. You will not waste a coin having fun with this so, this is so good to know. It is available and 100% free for both, iOS and Android devices (we have already said which ones from the Android group). Chech out Pokémon Masters – Soft Launch Gameplay (Android/IOS) video on youtube, here is the link to it:

See with your own eyes what it looks like and decide if you want to install this cool game, you will see the look of graphics and more.

Our Pokémon Masters game review article ends here. Count on seeing more game reviews & tech latest news on our website. Thank you for your attention. Until the next time – stay tuned – bye!

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