Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats – Read, Learn, Use!

If you desire one be an A-list Hollywood celebrity, you need to consider Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood cheat and then play the game. At the start, as you gradually make your steps towards being a celebrity, you only will be an average Hollywood star. Additionally, your journey to superstar status will not be a straightforward one, and this consequently makes this game both captivating as well as entertaining. So, are you well prepared? Before we start Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood game, first read these features correctly to have an idea of how you will achieve your objectives swiftly.

How to acquire stars and Cash?

In Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood game, the in-game currencies are Stars and Cash, with Cash being the soft currency, whereas Stars are a hard currency. To earn Cash in this game, you need to complete several quests, advertisements, filming TV shows, movies among much more. However, only a limited amount of Cash can be generated by tapping several kinds of stuff, such as people, pets, shattered items on the street to mention a few. Cash is often used to buy clothing, houses, traveling, and in some cases, gambling.

Stars, in contrast, are required to purchase Cash, clothing, energy, furniture, pets, among others. Likewise, you need Stars even to go on dates as well as increase networking. Therefore, spending Stars on dating instead of purchasing new sets of outfits are recommended. However, in the game, it is quite tricky to earn Stars, hence why players usually prefer buying these Starts with real money from Starshops. Likewise, players can make use of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack and cheats to produce these Stars in plenty instantly. Getting high ratings on movies, completing challenging quests, watching advertorial videos, among other activities earns you a few of these stars

Importance of Energy in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game

Performing each activity in the game, such as changing outfits, photoshoots, videos, dates, requires lots of energy, and hairstyling needs a lot of energy. Every time you need to wait for a duration for it to be replenished, and this could be monotonous since you eventually end up spending most of the time refilling the energy meters. Typically, players spend in-game currency on managing their gambling time in a manner that allows them to play for a fixed duration or acquire energy. Consequently, these players take a break to refill their energy meters’ overtime.

Below are several strategies players use to attain success hastily in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game • Change your makeup, outfits, and hairstyles to generate a higher number of points, especially before a new job or quest. • To earn Cash and Stars, there exist two different sets of advertorial videos. Therefore, regularly watch these videos daily to make a few amounts of Stars and Cash all for free. • Set aside some time to work at the So Chic Departmental Store and this subsequently earns you XP as well as some in-game currencies. Also, working for extended shifts allows you to earn more amount of money. • Grow a relationship with others by giving them the gifts they need. Consequently, this makes you popular and increases your number of friends, thereby letting you climb quickly towards your objectives. • Carefully select your dating partner as getting dumped quickly tarnishes your reputation. • Also, remember to try out the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack. By implementing the tips mentioned above, try the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats to gain the fame you always have desired by the Kim Kardashian game now!

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