Happy Color: Color by Number – Game Review

You are an artistic soul, and you always loved drawings, the colors and multicolored empire is always in your head and imagination? Do you like to spend your free time with such things? Well, then you will be satisfied with what you will hear from us. We have a great proposal for you, a game that includes all your desires & imagination and let the artist inside of you to show what he/she can do: this game is called Happy Color – Color by Number. You can find it in a Play Store search and download it for your Android device completely free, and it is also available for iOS devices such as your iPhone (App Store – also 100% free).

Happy Color Features

Happy Color – Color by number is the number 1 coloring book to be found on Google Play these days. Enjoy coloring pictures for free and get unique drawing experience. Keep on becoming better and better in this as the time goes by. You will be able to discover such a great variety of themed coloring pages and there are a lot of animals, florals, mandalas, holidays and many more themes to be found. Coloring has never been so easy because all of the drawings in this game are marked by numbers.

You have to open your color by number book and after that you can rediscover the simple relaxation and joy of coloring it. When you are finally done with painting your favorite coloring pages you can share them with your friends or family so everyone will be able to check out all your fantastic drawings in Happy Color – Color by number. Trust us, you will never get bored because there are over 2000 free pictures in the coloring book, and constantly new images are being added for you all. If you are a little kid – make your drawing and colloring skills better, and if you are an adult – do the same thing and also color your stress away whenever you feel like that. It really is a good way to get calm again.

Bonus Coloring!

To get some bonus coloring pages, you can join the Facebook community of this game, too. Some of the funny quests are also in there. We want you to become even happier and awaken your imagination even more with such an amazing game, so do not hesitate and install it for free today!

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